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Marketing blindly

Are you blind to your marketing message problems?

It’s an old story, and it was recently retold at a weekly prayer group I attend. It goes a little something like this:

A blind boy sat on the street begging for money with a sign that read: “I am blind. Please help.”

Many people walked by, but few took action. One man stopped and gave the boy some change before he picked up his sign. Taking out a marker from his pocket, he flipped the sign over and wrote a new message on the back. The man walked away.

After the man left, many people began to stop and give the boy money. It wasn’t long before his collection jar was overflowing. Later in the day, the man returned to see how the boy was doing.

The boy said, “Sir, are you the man who was here earlier and edited my sign?” When the man said yes, the boy asked, “What did you write that made people sympathetic to my plight? I’ve never received so much assistance.”

The man replied, “I simply wrote the truth. I said what you did, just in a different way.”

He then read aloud to the boy what he had written on his sign:
“Today is a beautiful day, but I cannot see it. Please help.”

This story is a comment on many things: perspective, persuasion, appreciation, storytelling, and how the right words make all the difference for your message.

What marketing messages are you putting out into the world?
Which ones are working?
Which ones aren’t?
Do you know why?

Maybe it’s time to rework your sign.

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