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In an age where marketers are constantly vying for consumers’ attention amid a flood of images, videos and memes, designers are opting for a more audacious approach. Be on the lookout for these 4 major graphic design trends in 2018....

It’s an old story, and it was recently retold at a weekly prayer group I attend. It goes a little something like this: A blind boy sat on the street begging for money with a sign that read: “I am blind. Please help.”...

Disclaimer: This is not a post about why email marketing is important, nor what content is necessary to enhance your campaigns. I'm speaking primarily from a design standpoint, as that is my expertise as a user experience designer. There is...

Cash registers will be ringing, Santa Claus is bursting into flames and all I want for Christmas is gift cards. ABZ Creative Partners’ latest insightful infographic unwraps the stats behind the most wonderful time of the year....

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