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website seo audit - 55 percent increase in non-branded clicks SEO audit case study - 50 percent decrease in bounce rate
Website & SEO performance audit

Digital marketing, SEO strategy, Website analytics
About This Project

A large, multi-specialty medical group enlisted ABZ to gauge the overall performance of its website. ABZ conducted a thorough website audit, evaluating critical metrics including traffic volume trends year over year, visitor behavior, user device trends, referral sources and on-page SEO performance. While the clinic’s site had experienced a positive growth trend over a four-year span, ABZ uncovered significant SEO issues that were severely limiting the clinic’s search engine results page (SERP) rankings and subsequently its volume of organic traffic. ABZ applied on-page SEO fixes across the site’s 3,000+ URLs, which resulted in big gains for organic traffic and reductions in visitor bounce rate.


Results of on-page SEO fixes:

  • 54% increase in average weekly visits
  • 55% increase in non-branded clicks
  • 50% decrease in bounce rate