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Main image - Inspire social sharing with branding and user experience

Inspire social sharing with branding and user experience

Design your way to success – from traditional advertising channels to the latest in digital marketing

Fuel your success with sharing by designing marketing that establishes trust and consumer experiences that deliver on your brand promise.

We are evolving creatures, especially in how we think as consumers. Things are competing for our attention, loyalty and money everywhere we look. So brands have to up our game to both grow our customer base and nurture existing clientele. It’s not enough to rely on the same strategies, tactics and messages just because they’ve worked for you in the past.

In this fast-paced, option-overload world, marketers must craft strategic communication and user experiences that live up to a brand’s promise to build and maintain a strong reputation.

Man in suit is to trust as good branding is to consumer trustDesign and communicate a first impression that earns trust.

Say you need someone to do your taxes and walk into an H&R Block. Two men sitting at desks wave you over. One of them wears a five o’clock shadow and is dressed in his favorite sports team T-shirt, sneakers, a ball cap and jeans with a hole in the knee. The other is clean-cut, wearing a tailored suit with shiny black shoes, and his hair is neatly combed.

Even though you know they are both employed by the same company and will likely follow the same process, which one are you more likely to approach to ensure you get the maximum refund? This isn’t a trick question. And it isn’t to say that the ball cap guy isn’t equally capable of doing your taxes well. (If we’re honest, he’s probably more fun to hang out with for the next hour.) But our minds are trained to trust those that look the part, even if we have no evidence that they will follow through.

All this to say – don’t take shortcuts on making your brand look the part. Inspire others to believe in your product. When consumers encounter any aspect of your brand they associate a feeling with it. Make sure that feeling is positive enough to lure them in, bring them back, and make them want to sing your praises on social media and by the ever-powerful word of mouth.

Image of woman hold social media iconsEverything from your name, logo, imagery and design elements, to your staff, communication channels and virtual or brick-and-mortar storefront should represent what your brand promises to deliver.

Make sure that the resources you invest in brand building take advantage of the social media crazed world we live in. This can be a cost-effective way to spread your message, reach new consumers and learn from loyal patrons acheter du viagra en suisse.

Create a user experience that’s strong enough to close the deal.

Back to your taxes. So you decide to give your business to suit guy. You sit down and then notice his desk is covered in papers that seem to be in no particular order. You hand him your tax documents and they get strewn in the pile. You start to sweat a little and wonder if you made the right decision, but you aren’t giving up on him just yet because he looks too good not to know what he’s doing.

He shuffles through papers for the next two hours, asking really obvious questions, and it becomes apparent that this may be his first time doing this. Now you understand why he has to wear the fancy suit. He apologizes profusely and ends up asking ball cap guy to help him troubleshoot. Initially, he won you over with the look. But ultimately he couldn’t deliver an equally pleasant experience and so has no chance at repeat business.

Your website, sales collateral, videos, email marketing and trade show booths are no different. Presentation wins prospects’ initial trust, but it’s function and delivery that make the sale and keep them coming back for more.

Example image of amazing user experience and digital brandingTake the example of creating a new website. It’s critical to focus on user experience in the design, architecture and functionality of your site. Consider how the average person interacts with your website. What draws her in? What does he click on? Have friends or strangers test the site to see if your message and desired paths to action are clear. Resource one of countless tools created for that very purpose, like Crazy Egg.

Determine what your end goal is for users, and direct them there in a fun, intuitive way. You only have so long to turn curiosity into a sale, so close the deal before they lose interest, get distracted or become frustrated.

When customers can tell that their needs have been considered and their experience was fun, easy and productive, they are more likely to come back and spread the word.

And don’t neglect the basic information on your Facebook page and other social networks. Include contact information, hours, location and other key details consumers are searching. Your Facebook information rivals the importance of your website content if that is someone’s only virtual encounter with your brand via search results or habitually seeking quick information on social media rather than navigating a site.               

Make them care enough to share – on social media and in real life.

By designing noteworthy content and marketing, and consistently delivering on point consumer experiences, you are positioning your brand for organic viral success via online and face-to-face sharing.

Image of megaphone to illustrate effective social sharingOnly after you’ve lived up to everything you promised (and then some if you’re really good) are people willing to be an ambassador for your brand. Inspire and incentivize customers to recommend you on social media, review sites and by word of mouth.

Consumers sharing positive experiences with your brand online and in person won’t happen without putting your best foot forward and giving customers a great experience every time. Passive marketing takes time, money and patience, but creating brand ambassadors is priceless.

It’s not enough just to be share-worthy though. Balance that passive approach to growth with actively pushing out strategic messages across a variety of channels. But that’s another post for another day.

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