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Start with the man in the mirror

Your brand identity is the most critical piece of what we do. It’s who you are. Every, single marketing cent should be spent supporting your ironclad brand. Sometimes establishing the best brand direction can be difficult to determine from within. We’re here to help. Whether you have an already established brand, are transitioning to a new one or are starting with a clean slate, we are your brand champions.

From establishing strong brand positioning and guidelines for everyone to follow to the intricacies of creating a logo set that speaks to who you are, we’ll help you realize your brand potential.

Brand positioning

Be in the right place at the right time with a spot-on brand

The best brands are built with clear positioning. Our process helps identify the tenets of your unique brand, how they differ from your competitors and how you and your products can stand out with value-based positioning. Our strategy is grounded in marketing research and tons of supporting data for evidence-based tactics with targeted reach. We’ll help you perform a comprehensive brand audit from start to finish – from market analysis to logos and campaign strategy – to ensure you’re perfectly situated to succeed.

Brand guidelines

Ensuring you build “one brand to rule them all”

Rules are meant to be broken – except when it comes to your brand. Your brand is only as strong as its enforcement. We’re here to help you craft airtight guidelines to help direct your brand ambassadors in the proper use and applications of your brand. From brand values, voice and copy tone to logo applications, font selection, color palette and more, the guidelines are your playbook to a foolproof brand identity. We can help in every facet of brand guideline generation – from setting the ground rules and crafting the guide itself to ensuring your brand is carried out in every marketing piece.

Corporate branding

Because brand ambassadors are built from within

A bulletproof brand always comes with employees who are brand champions at every corporate level – from the mail room to the boardroom. Ensuring that expectations and beliefs held between executives, employees and stakeholders all align is the secret to internal brand success. We can help establish your corporate brand identity with consistent corporate communication and brand recognition, strategic marketing objectives and comprehensive tactics.

Logo design

Your brand at a glance

Powerful logos can be hard to come by. They are recognizable, unforgettable. They can convey a product, a feeling, a mood from a billboard a mile away. They represent all that you stand for with a simple mark. They are your essence distilled down to a strong word or two, a color, an image. They can take on different meanings depending on the use, depending on the viewer. The process of logo design involves exhaustive industry knowledge and implicit trust. Our process is thorough, ensuring we know you, your brand, your business and your goals to land on a logo that’s uniquely “you.”

Packaging design

Packaging with brand recognition written all over it

Your product packaging should scream your brand identity while retaining functionality and efficiency. We work with you to research the best materials and designs for your budget, products and use. Our graphic design team ensures your brand is incorporated into all packaging in the most effective way, consistent with your marketing strategy and guidelines. Don’t miss the opportunity to visually communicate with your consumers with show-stopping packaging and display design.

“Branding is often mistaken for a logo or design style. Brand is the entire being of your company. Think of your logo as the face, and the mouth as the voice and tone. Design is the outer body and clothing. Your employees are vital organs.”


Martin Rose, Client service director