ABZ Creative Partners

Corporate communications

Build committed stakeholders with consistent messaging

What messages are you sending out into the world – to the community, business leaders, decision-makers, media contacts, shareholders and employees? Is what you’re saying consistent with your brand values? Are you everything you say you are? All the time?

Cohesive corporate communication is positively integral to building brand exposure and passionate brand ambassadors. You need clear planning, consistent voice, strategic engagement and so much more.

Public relations

Is your messaging fit for the masses?

Strong public relations communication that’s closely tied to your brand values and messaging is critical to both gain market exposure and manage crises. We can help you craft effective, strategic communication to manage your brand in every sphere, including government and financial agencies, the community at large and more. Whether your goals include increasing publicity and brand awareness or changing public perception, we have the campaign plan for you.

Media relations

The relationships you need to succeed

Strong, trusted media relationships can be a tremendous asset to even the strongest brands. Do you have an ironclad media plan or do you just “spray and pray” your press release distribution? Let us help you get more strategic for increased media exposure. We can help build your media contacts and distribution list, craft attention-grabbing press releases and devise media relations plans that work. Don’t send another press release into the abyss.

Internal communications

So your right hand really knows what your left is doing

A house divided cannot stand. And a corporation that isn’t internally united certainly can’t stand for long. Keeping absolutely everyone – from the boardroom to the break room – on the same page is paramount for marketing initiatives to succeed. Your employees are your most valuable assets and brand ambassadors. Let us help orchestrate your internal communications to support your brand strategy through everything from employee engagement campaigns to easy-to-use, brand-integrated templates and interactive newsletters so everyone is in the know.

Employee engagement

Feed your automatic fan base

Your brand is only as strong as your employees’ involvement. They are your most valuable assets, your biggest brand champions. Ensuring that your employees are engaged and excited about your brand is paramount. Employees are your best ambassadors and strongest testimonial to consumers. (This is sadly true whether your employees are passionate or apathetic about your brand. Your consumers will quickly pick up on both. And if you don’t have an internal fan base, you won’t have much of an external one either.) Let us help keep your employees abuzz about your brand with consistent, clear communication, creative engagement strategies and campaign rollouts.


Solidify your brand across your employee portal

Too often, company intranets can be an afterthought. Make yours a priority and a prime place for your brand to shine with consistent messaging, design and employee engagement across your portal. We can help with intranet strategy, design, communication, mobile applications and more. This way your brand looks as good from the inside as it does on the outside. (Believe us. Everyone will notice the difference.)

“How you talk internally is just as relevant as your external voice. Speaking the same language keeps everyone on the same page and builds a stronger brand.”

Libby Rose, President