ABZ Creative Partners

Marketing strategy

Because you can’t afford to leave these things to chance

Everything we undertake is based on strategy. Our sights are always set on accomplishing your short- and long-term goals to boost your brand and build your customer base.


As a midsized marketing firm, we’re easily able to do a deep dive into your goals, establish completely custom strategic marketing plans and adapt as needed to your timing, budget and more.

Anyone can put a message out there. Success happens when that message is delivered in the right way on the right platform to the right audience to serve your goals.


We work both smarter and harder to make your marketing successful – and we are sticklers for measuring our efforts to ensure a quantifiable ROI and even greater gains in the future.

Integrated marketing campaigns

Is your message everywhere your consumers are?

Consumers connect with the world in more ways than ever before – from smart phones, tablets and computers to more traditional TV, radio, billboards and magazines. Marketing messaging is everywhere. And that’s where your message needs to be to make an impact. We craft marketing campaigns that are fully integrated across every point of access for maximum reach. We work with you to establish your goals and develop a strategy before creating a customized campaign that delivers perfectly timed and precisely targeted messages to your key audiences.

Media planning and placement

If an ad falls in the wrong publication, does it make an impact?

Too often media planning and placement fall prey to the perils of habit and time. You don’t have time to both execute the perfect ad and ensure it’s placed appropriately. Maybe you always tuck it in the same tried and true publications. It could be costing you. Don’t let excellent media marketing go to waste. We craft media plans from the simple to the complex for campaigns of every size, focusing on the placements that will make the biggest impact for your marketing dollar. We treat your budget like it’s our own and undertake all the execution down to the last ad contract so you can focus your attention where it needs to be.

Account management

No man is an island. Let us help you.

Some days all you need is a clone of yourself – or 10. Enter ABZ. It’s a given that you should expect superior customer service from your creative partner. We surpass those expectations and pride ourselves on anticipating and fulfilling your needs before you even have to express them. From strategic planning to meticulous project and time management, we’re committed to delivering an exceptional experience to keep all your goals on track.

Campaign analysis

How do you measure your success?

How many marketing campaigns have you undertaken without a clear way to gauge your success? We are devoted to tracking campaigns for accurate, measurable results. Whether it’s a monthly e-newsletter or a microsite landing page to funnel every facet of a comprehensive initiative, we constantly monitor engagement activity and trends for metrics-based optimization of every campaign. With customized dashboards and clear reporting, we make it easy to track – and share – your success.

Content marketing

Engage with relevant, useful communication

Content marketing is the art of communicating with your target audience in a way that isn’t icky salesmanship. It’s the practice of building a loyal consumer base by delivering valuable, relevant information. We can help build the highest-quality content into all of your marketing to attract loyal brand customers. We are adept at telling strategic brand stories integrated into your overall marketing strategy for remarkable results. Let us help you find your unique brand voice.

B2B marketing

Building your brand for long-term B2B relationships

Business-to-business marketing is naturally a completely different animal than marketing to consumers. Decision-making is generally by committee, the process is slower and more technical and long-term relationships are needed. Your products need to be explained in an in-depth, logical way that clearly communicates how you bring value. Understanding this landscape is critical for the success of your B2B marketing strategy. We can help research your niche, develop your unique brand and map traffic, leads and engagement to build valuable prospects and a long-term customer base.

B2C marketing

Building loyal consumers through emotion & accessibility

More than ever, consumers need to know clearly and concisely the benefits you are bringing to them. They need to be spoken to across distribution channels. Time is of the essence and it’s very, very limited. You must reach consumers where they are – and they’re everywhere. You must appeal to them emotionally and keep the trust you gain. We specialize in market research that targets your consumer demographics when and where they are with direct marketing, event marketing, online marketing, social marketing and more. Our analysis never ends so we continue to tweak marketing tactics as campaigns progress for optimal results.

“Successful marketing is like climbing a mountain. The summit is your goal – stay focused on it. The path you take is your strategy – make sure it’s clear. Your gear is the tactics – it must fit the terrain and be carefully evaluated along the way.”

Preston Smith, Senior writer | Strategist