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Novant Health is an integrated system of physician clinics, outpatient centers and hospitals serving a four-state region spanning Virginia to Georgia. It serves more than 4 million patients annually through its network of 1,200 physicians and 26,000 employees working in nearly 500 care locations. Headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC, Novant Health is committed to making healthcare remarkable for its patients and improving the overall health and wellness of its communities.



MAKOplasty® integrated marketing campaign


• SEM/PPC keyword and display ads
• Email marketing
• Social media marketing
• Video production
• Print advertising
• Direct mail
• Outdoor
• Print collateral

Project background

In 2012, Novant Health introduced MAKOplasty® partial knee resurfacing at two of its regional medical centers, placing them among a select group of facilities nationwide to offer the procedure at that time. MAKOplasty® is a highly innovative, minimally invasive alternative to knee replacement surgery that offers less pain, a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery time than traditional methods. Novant Health enlisted ABZ Creative Partners to develop and implement a strategic marketing campaign to educate the public about the benefits of MAKOplasty®, target prospective patients and move them through the decision funnel, and further advance Novant Health’s position as a leader in high-tech patient care.

Integrated strategy

Candidates for MAKOplasty® are typically males and females ages 55 and older; however, the procedure can also benefit younger patient populations such as athletes and individuals with occupations known for overuse injuries. Given the broad demographic spectrum, the plan needed to include both traditional and emerging channels to achieve maximum reach, message effectiveness and audience engagement. The primary call to action across the entire campaign directed audience members to attend a free educational seminar to learn more about the procedure, and how it could alleviate their knee pain issues.

Digital marketing

Highly targeted, hyper-relevant content delivered through a mix of channels with real-time results allowed us to adjust the messaging and optimize the spend every step of the way.
Example display ad for healthcare marketing

SEM/PPC keyword and display ads

Using paid keywords and display ads, we reached target audience members as they were actively searching online for solutions to their knee pain. The ads directed them to a special landing page about MAKOplasty® and promoted the free seminars.



The buying cycle for a specialized surgical procedure like MAKOplasty® can be lengthy. Even when a prospective patient shows interest, it can take months or even years before he or she is ready to move forward. We employed remarketing strategies to keep our message in front of target audience members who showed initial interest by visiting the MAKOplasty® landing page. Following their visit to the page, they were served up specially created ads as they visited other websites.

Email marketing

E-blasts were deployed to target audience members with specially selected demographic and psychographic profiles. Well-crafted content informed recipients of the benefits of MAKOplasty® and directed them to attend an upcoming seminar.


Social media marketing

Like other digital channels, social media allows for very targeted message delivery; however its ability to make a message go viral can extend the budget of any campaign. Through micro ads and sponsored content, we leveraged the power of social media to create awareness and drive engagement.

Traditional marketing

 Traditional, offline tactics served an integral role in the campaign by delivering effective content paired with compelling visuals.
Healthcare marketing collateral for Novant Health

Outdoor & POS signage

Through the use of outdoor, as well as POS signage, we spread the MAKOplasty® message in high traffic areas, promoting the website and call center number where the target audience could learn more about the procedure and the free seminars.

Print advertising

Several versions of print ads were created and placed in targeted publications throughout the campaign. Key messages varied between general awareness about the availability of MAKOplasty® in the market to primarily promoting the free educational seminars.


Print collateral

From patient education brochures about the procedure to fliers promoting the seminars, we designed support materials to help inform prospective patients every step of the way.

Making it personal – patient testimony

The initial phase of the campaign primarily focused on creating awareness of the new procedure and its benefits. A second phase was then developed to give the campaign a more personalized feel through a compelling patient testimony.

Testimonial video

We created a video showcasing the story of a high-profile member of the community, and how MAKOplasty® helped him return to his active lifestyle quickly and pain free. The video featured a high-quality blend of patient interview, active b-roll and clinical animations to tell the story.


Custom photography

We conducted a custom photo shoot of the featured patient to use throughout the testimonial portion of the campaign.

Print advertising

We also developed a print ad to share the patient’s MAKOplasty® success story and ran it in the market’s top publications.


SEM/PPC keyword and display ads

Using paid keywords and display ads, we shared the patient testimony with target audience members as they were actively searching online for knee pain solutions.


The MAKOplasty® campaign was deemed highly successful by Novant Health. The educational seminars were consistently well attended, and patient volumes met Novant Health’s target goals in the two markets offering the procedure. In the smaller of the two markets, the MAKOplasty® landing page on the Novant Health website saw approximately 800 unique visits within two months of the campaign’s launch.

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