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PBI Performance Products, Inc.

PBI Performance Products, Inc., is an international manufacturer of flame-resistant fibers and engineering thermoplastics. Its products are known for their superior performance and have been used by NASA, the New York City Fire Department and other high-profile organizations worldwide. To advance its position as an industry leader and grow its share of the global market, PBI continuously engages ABZ Creative Partners for strategy development, creative execution and analytics.



Brand optimization in the digital space


  • Adaptable website redesign
  • Custom photography
  • Product animation
  • SEO/SEM lead generation campaign
  • Email marketing

Digital strategy

In the digital age, a company’s online strategy can separate the leaders from the followers. PBI is a well-known brand in the performance materials space, but its online presence and digital marketing efforts weren’t leveraging that brand as effectively as it could have been. ABZ developed and executed a plan that told the PBI story in a fresh and captivating way through various digital channels. The campaign’s goals were to increase brand awareness, generate more leads and convert prospects to lifelong customers. A complete website redesign, targeted B2B communication and traffic acquisition tactics were the key components of the plan.

PBI Performance Products' Inbound Marketing Strategy Utilizing SEO and Analytics

Digital brand identity

Every aspect of PBI’s brand in the digital space was grounded in custom imagery, well-aligned layout, clear hierarchy and careful attention to typography and colors.

PBI Mobile Responsive Website and Microsite by Charlotte web design firm
Custom Photography For FR Fabrics Manufacturer. FR hood, FR gloves and FR undergarment.

Custom photography

We shot custom photography to showcase PBI’s wide range of specialty offerings and many of the end products that use them.

Website redesign

We redesigned PBI’s website to deliver a completely new user experience. Enhancements included customized viewing experiences for desktop and tablet viewing, more intuitive site navigation, search engine optimization and content delivered seamlessly in multiple languages. We also created a custom microsite to generate a big splash in the market for one of PBI’s new and highly innovative fiber products.

PBI Mobile Responsive Website and Microsite

Product animation

PBI’s products must be able to perform superiorly even in the harshest of conditions. To bring this to life, we created a product animation outlining the key benefits for one of PBI’s products as it performs in extreme conditions.

Lead generation campaign

PBI competes in highly technical markets where the process from lead generation to product application can be lengthy and complex. ABZ created a laser-focused lead generation campaign to capture prospective customers early in the buying cycle and educate them about PBI’s wide range of solutions.

PBI Polymers - SEO and SEM Strategy by Charlotte online marketing agency
Google Adwords Search Ad Example In Top Position With Sitelinks for Polymers Client

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Using advanced SEO methodology, we set out to improve PBI’s search engine results page rankings (SERP) and help draw organic traffic to the newly designed website.

Search engine marketing (SEM/PPC)

We developed a comprehensive pay-per-click Adwords campaign targeting niche prospects in the aerospace, petrochemical and semiconductor markets. The campaign not only promoted PBI’s product solutions, but also educated prospective customers on its potential applications.

Adwords Keyword Strategy Chart for Polymers Client
Mobile Optimized Email Marketing - PBI Performance Products

Email marketing

Trade shows are important venues for PBI to showcase its products to customer prospects. To help drive foot traffic to PBI’s booths at upcoming shows, we created a series of e-blasts to send to prospects leading up to the events. The e-blasts provided the PBI booth number, as well as featured some of its top products, their applications and key product benefits.


PBI Performance Products infographic - marketing ROI


  • After the launch of the redesigned website, average monthly visits by search increased by 15 percent.
  • Pageviews increased by 11 percent.
  • Visits from mobile devices increased by 294 percent.

Lead generation

  • The number of product requests increased by 69 percent, and overall organic search traffic was up 68 percent.
  • The number of prospective website visitors to the landing page for the campaign tripled. Overall, the campaign generated 3,750 page views and 41 highly qualified enterprise-level leads.
  • Within the first three months of the campaign launch, PBI began receiving product inquiries from some of the world’s most recognized brands.
PBI infographic - website analytics
PBI Infographic


  • The average PBI eblast increased website visits by 22 percent the day of the eblast deployment.
  • The average PBI eblast received a 45 percent open rate and 42 percent of recipients that opened the email clicked on a link to read more.

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